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Aero Slots

aero slots

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Aero Slots

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Aero Slots

An aero slot is a pay line that has multiple slots. It’s a machine that has several graphics and it’s based on an airplane theme that makes it very fascinating. The machine has 5 distinct l column and 3 rows. There as many as 5 different symbols on the reels. These symbols are sea plane, the bi-plane and the famous jet-plane. It also has air balloon symbols. Every turn you make result in making any of the 5 possible lines. There are three straight and two diagonal lines in every machine board. The aero slots pay 5 times the smallest bet on sea planes and 2000 times for the five hot air balloons in consideration of the original bet.

About the aero slots

It’s formed from a bird and from a plane. Actually the game is a squadron in those other flying machines on this and other five reels classic slots that are made by game scale. The online casino slot offers 15 prizes that are spread over a maximum of five pay lines. Its maximum pay is $ 2000.

The main features of the aero slots slot

It has 5 reels and 5 lines. The game uses an airplane theme hence very beautiful. You can always get the software on Game scale. The 5 reel online casino slot game has 3570 slot games that support the English language and it's available to play all over the world. You can always play the game from the Deuce club casino which gives plenty of bonuses. There are also other sites such as Cosmik Casino that offers a 10 free spins plus a 200% welcome bonus. If I reiterate that Aero is a traditional style slot that has kept its original form for years, so it should come not be worried that it has no bonus feature. It lacks the wilds, the scatter, the three sins or any bonuses. This has what has been causing some players to dislike the aero slots.

The aero slots theme

It's one of the simplest games in the category, five video slots around game scale. This is not a criticism as all players can set and play the slot as they are very easy. Their game has a full width pay table that contains all the information about the games payout hence no need to keep looking at the main screen. This can be done all time while playing. There is a strategic site squadron that features different flying machines that are the reel icons. They include the said seaplanes, biplanes, passenger jet helicopters and a hot air balloon.

The betting option offered by the aero slots

More of the functions are that the game scale slots have been renowned from their robust software and the added great usability. The slot offers a choice to choose a coin bet by quite selecting the coin you may want to use. There are 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1 are all available for betting. The player then chooses the number of lines by which it clicks the marker next to the reels. This is a straightforward thing that comes without sacrificing on the player’s choice.

From experience I have found that an aero slot is a tad too simple for our usual tastes but this can have its plus points. The game is for those who like traditional games.

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