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3x3 Victory Lane Slots

Victory Lane Slots

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3x3 Victory Lane Slots

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3x3 Victory Lane Slots

This is another 3 reel slots game. Just like the 5 reel slot games, players whose favorite or preferable slot game is the 3 reel option, they have a variety of different games on offer. The current 3 x 3 slot games are theme based. This means that their symbols, graphics and animations are exactly designed to go hand in hand with those themes. Since time in memorial, 3 x 3 reel slot games have used symbols of fruits. A win was mainly achieved by the appearance of three cherries or oranges in the winning line. This fact has however changed over time and reel symbols are customized to follow the theme of a particular game. In the present day it is possible to find symbols of just about anything. This piece of text put more weight on the 3 x 3 victory lane slots game.

The 3 x 3 victory lane game is a payline game just like all the similar others. The game offers free spins in addition to the wild and scatter symbols. This is a popular video slot game that is offered at casinos all around the globe. It can be played in two ways. One is the land based way where you have to go to a casino and play and the second one is the option of playing it online which gives you the advantage of playing it from wherever you are.

The steps of playing this game are really simplified. You only require being keen on only four steps. First know what selecting the coins size is, and then know what is meant by activating a payline and finally what to do in order to spin. That is basically all that one needs to know to participate in this game. However, a few slot game machines here and there have been modified to have extra features which whose function is to make it more complicated. This is generally one of those games that do not really need special skills in order to win because it is mainly based on luck.

Let us take a closer look at how to play the 3 x 3 victory lane game. First, the player gets to decide the wager to place depending on the coin size that is being offered. In most cases it lies between $0.01 and $10 or its equivalent in separate currencies in countries or states that do not use the dollar. After that is chosen the next thing will be for the player to select the number of paylines that she/he wishes to activate. This entirely depends on the will of the player. You can activate in between a minimum of one payline and a maximum of 25 paylines or more in cases where more paylines are offered. Finally the player can choose the number of coins to stake or bet per payline. Traditionally, players are allowed to bet up to 10 coins per payline.

Having done all that, the player is ready to spin the reel. The result of the spin is displayed on the outcome screen once the reels have completely been spun. The player is awarded if the result of the spin contains a winning combination on any of the paylines that was earlier activated. The reward, mainly cash, depends on the payout table. If the player missed out on that spin then it is required that she/he goes through the same process again. In an occurrence where the player is lucky, one is given a bonus spin. However they are not always given. They just happen if you get a certain preset combination on a spin. Majority of these second screen bonuses possess a random bonus amount and the player often has no idea of the price they are playing for. They randomly pick an option from a drop down menu that appears on the screen to reveal the bonus price if there is any.

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