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Double Deck Blackjack

double deck blackjack

Game Overview

Double Deck Blackjack

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Double Deck Blackjack

This game offers the same excitement as that of European blackjack with the play being executed by the use of only 2 standard decks of cards which decreases the house edge considerably while favoring the player. High value of hands increasing along with the dealers chances of busting and the players chance of blackjack increasing. This is one of the best games and offers very good results it is a game where you can have a very good time and enjoy also the chances of winning are very high and that is the best part about it. There are lots so people who want to enjoy and have a good time and they are not sure about the best place, this is one of the best.

There are some very good options in the market but this is something unique and offers some new games each time and it is fun. The casino game is very much similar with land-based casinos, which give payback percentages. Payout percentage for games, played by the gamblers is been established by rules of a game. Today, many people are bombarded with negative things. And for such reason, they will take up online gambling time to time and it becomes a habit. Gambling is fun and casinos will create exhilarating atmosphere. There’s always a slim chance to win a big fortune. Whatever game you like playing, casinos online can offer you excitement and fun. It simple to find the virtual casinos and suppose you’ve already selected the game that you wish to bet then you need to make the deposit, and you are entitled for terrific deposit casino bonuses.

The player will also benefit from doubling down on any of the first two cards which will decrease the houses edge compared to a game of the normal European blackjack which will only allow doubling of the first two cards with a sum of 9, 10, or 11. The game also has double deck blackjacks multi-hand feature which will allow the player to place wagers on 5 hands at the same time which will speed up the game. This is a very good game and offer very good results people really enjoy and want to do well. There are so many good people who come here and are really happy with the quality of the best and hence they keep on coming back at all times.

The rules

The double deck blackjack has no hole card game, it plays with 2 decks and the dealer must stand on all 17s. Blackjack will pay 3:2, the insurance will pay 2:1, there is no surrender with this game and double down can be done on any first two cards. There is no redouble down, a split of the same denomination is possible with no re-split or re-split of aces. Games offered

Many online casinos offer Cryptologic games. One of these is InterCasino.

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