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Double Bonus Video Poker

double bonus video poker

Game Overview

Double Bonus Video Poker

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Double Bonus Video Poker

Five cards are dealt in total to a player, the five will form the starting hand and a player will choose to discard as many cards as they would wish to and new cards will keep replacing the discarded ones. Eventually a players final poker hand is formed and will be measured against the pay table at the bottom of the screen though not very visible. If the players hand should match one on the screen it will mean a winning. Double Bonus Video Poker is really a good option if you love casino, this has got everything you need to have and is one of the best options in the market people really want to have a good time here.

Prizes and Wagering

There are a wide range of options and the coin value will range from 0.25 all the way to 5.00 and a player can wager up to 5 coins per hand. This poker game allows a player to bet from 1 to 100 hands all at once with the stakes falling at 0.25 per a single hand and 2,500 for a hundred hands. The winning hand with the double bonus video poker game will include jacks and better, 2 pairs , 3 of its kind, flushes, straights, 4 2s through 4s, 4 5s through kings, royal flushes and the straight flushes. A player can stand to win x250 of his total bet with video poker. Double Bonus Video Poker offer good time for one and all, no matter what you age is something there for you and the winning odds are very fair that is the best part about it and hence you will not regret coming here in anyway and that is one of the best part s about this game, so what are you waiting for just come and have a good time and you will not need to look elsewhere there are lots of people who enjoy and you can be one of them to have a great time.

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