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Dino Delight

dino delight

Game Overview

Dino Delight
Max. Win
10.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Dino Delight Review

This game has a prehistoric times theme with dinosaurs and cavemen with a Flintstone cartoon taste. It has 5 reels, 25 pay lines with wild symbols, the scatter, bonus rounds and the multiplier with a $200,000 jackpot that keeps players fixated on the game. Here comes something new the Dino Delight, the prizes are big and so are the chances of winning and you can have a very good time, so if you want to really enjoy and not go anywhere else, but come here as this is the best and really gives a good result, so that you do not have any kind of issue.

The Dino Delight Features

The scatter and wild symbols will cause free spins, multipliers and bonus games. The girl in the game is the wild symbol and five of her appearances at the same time will result in the top jack pot of x10,000 but on other occasions she is just a basic wild that can be substituted with any other symbol to form a winning combination. The small Baby Dino is the scatter which will offer bonus games, multiplier, free spins and prizes. The baby Dino can award cash prizes if it appears anywhere on the reel and if they scatter during the same round on the screen the prize to be won is x100. This is something very good and the new games are added regularly and that makes this very popular and hence people keep on coming back and if you like new games then you can be one of them to come and enjoy and have a good time here. So do not wait at all just come and have fun with one and all. This is something that is really good, to enjoy,

If three or more of the baby Dinos appear during one round you get a cash prize that is the number and a bonus game. A screen with six dinosaur eggs will then appear and the player should try to match three identical symbols to get free spins, cash and multipliers of 2x. Reputed casinos online will offer your safe and secure transfer to gamble!Virtual world has actually made things available to everyone with help of some clicks. It is one primary influencing factor that is responsible to make everything available in virtual world.

“Everything” mentioned also includes online gambling consoles! Growing popularity of the gaming online has actually given game providers with the scope to make online gambling much more accessible to casino player fans. For people who may think that the online gambling isn’t a lot of fun then playing these games by stepping inside casinos, then think once again. It’s now time to look on some benefits that playing casino games online have. Possible you’re depriving yourself of joys of playing games on mobile and in comfort of your own home. Best part of playing casino games online is a fact that you do not have the obligation to play these games with money.

Dino Delight was launched on 7th June 2007

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