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Caribbean Stud Poker

cryptologic caribbean stud poker

Game Overview

Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker

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The Caribbean Stud Poker game begins with the player placing the ante wager. Then both the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand are dealt face down. The dealer’s first card is exposed and the player’s full hand is exposed. The player then has to decide whether to fold or play. By deciding to fold he loses his ante bet. If he decides to play he places a wager twice the amount of the ante wager. The dealer’s complete hand is exposed and the payouts are made as per the rules.

If the dealer’s hand is ranked less than an A-K high then he does not qualify and the ante wager pays out even money while the play bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies and has the higher ranked hand then the player loses both bets. If the dealer qualifies and the player has the higher ranked hand then the ante wager pays out even money and the play bet pays out as per the payout table. In Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker one pair pays at even money and royal flush pays 200 to 1. Players can place an optional progressive bet that pays out on the basis of a different payout table. To receive this payout it is not necessary for the player to win the main game but he should not have folded. In Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker the payout for the progressive bet begins with 50 to 1 for flush. 10% of the progressive jackpot is paid for a straight flush and 100% of the progressive jackpot is paid for a royal flush.

Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker requires that players select a bet range from the five provided. The lowest range is from £1 to £50 and the highest range is from £100 to £1,000. This helps create a live casino experience where high rollers are separated from low rollers based on table limits. Caribbean Stud Poker is a game of skill. If players deviate from optimum strategy they will lose out. The Cryptologic game offers optional player warnings. For example, the software prompts players if they are folding with a hand that is A-K or higher or if players are folding after having made a progressive jackpot bet.

What really separates Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker from rest of the pack is the Auto Bet feature. Players can set the number of auto bets, the bet amount and whether the progressive bet is to be placed or not. The Cryptologic Auto Bet feature has a provision for conditional bets, fixed bets and pattern bets. Pattern bets allow players to increase or decrease the ante bets in a set pattern after every hand. Conditional bets allow players to increase or decrease ante bets based on the outcome of the last hand. However the game is not completely on auto play because players have to take the fold or play decision.

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