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Congo Bongo

congo bongo

Game Overview

Congo Bongo
Max. Win
6.000 coins
Wild Symbol
Free Spins

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Congo Bongo Review

This game is an isometric platform arcade game where the player takes up the role of the red nosed safari hunter who is trying to capture bongo the ape. The player is seeking out bongo to punish him for a practical game he played on him by setting up his tent on fire. This player has got no offensive abilities and will avoid obstacles and his enemies by jumping or moving so as to scale the levels. This is one of the best options and this has so many things to play with and you can have a great time playing here.

The Various Levels Found in the Game

This game has four levels that will scale to difficulty when the player has completed. The first level is the primate peak; the player has to travel to the peak of a hill while avoiding missiles in form of coconuts being directed at him by a big gorilla with other smaller monkeys making a grab for him too around the level. The player is able to shake off these smaller monkeys if he jumps in place but the danger is if three of them grab him for he will be thrown off the cliff. The second level is the snake lake; this is a grassland setting which has several square platforms but with narrow connecting lanes between. The challenge is for the player to avoid the snakes and scorpions found on the platforms while timing his movement with the hippos to successful grade the level. There are some of the best option here which offer some very good results and you will not have a problem. The prizes as real and there is nothing wrong that is the best part about it. So what are you waiting for just go and enjoy this website and have a great time every minute.

Rhino ridge is the third level that a player has to contend with; a wide-open savanna setting where a player will need to move around rhinos who are charging wildly in all directions and if a player steps on a puddle he gets terminated. The player though, can hide in holes that are empty and jump over the rhinos to stay alive. Lastly the fourth level is the lazy lagoon; where a player is challenged to cross a large water body while walking on and off the logs, the hippos, various lily pads as well as a large fish to win the level. This is one of the best options on the internet to play.

Most players find the Congo Bongo game a bit tedious and repetitive, as well as confusing but it is a challenging game for players who thrive on challenges. It can be played on various platforms as well with the game being ported by most major gaming platforms in the day although some platforms may be missing some levels, a good example being commodore who missed two of the levels found in the original game

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