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Conan Review

This is a game that gives the player the control of Conan the barbarian who is a titular hero. This is an inspiration from the games Ninja Garden and God of War where the developer features nudity and gore. The hero is out to conquer an evil wizard as well as recover his lost armor and he can fight using two handed weapons, a weapon on each hand which he does by default when starting a level, or using a sword and a shield. This is a very good games website, there are lots of people who love playing games on the internet and you can be done them and that is the best part, you can get started playing this from the comfort of your home in quick time and there is no looking behind you can enjoy every minute of it and that also full of fun without any issue..

The Game Play of Conan

Conan gains experience and points by killing his enemies in several basic attacks and the points earned are exchanged for additional attacks whereby the player will be improving the fighting capabilities of the hero. Conan also has magical powers, which he can use to conjure firestorms as well as turn his enemies into stone, and summon ravens that will do his bidding. The use of the magical powers though limited by the number of magical points acquired, can end the game much quicker. This game also has a context sensitive action sequence which requires the player to press some buttons displayed on the screen sequentially to finish some of the actions such as the termination of powerful enemies and the interaction with his environment as well like knocking down of obstacles while creating a passage. Sequencing is also used by Conan to climb the wall or the jumping off one ledge to another.

Conan Combat Styles and Point Earning

For each of the style there is a name and it features several attacks like Black River Rage or the Cimmerian Charge. He can however stop his attacks or change tactics at will which aides in creation of various forms of combat. Whenever Conan successfully hits his enemies severally he will activate a death song that will increase the damage of his attack briefly and he can roll under the enemy attacking to block them off. If a player is to press a block button just before an enemy strikes, it will populate the image of the controller attack button which when pressed will make Conan perform a devastating and fatal counter attack terminating the enemy instantly. The enemies however can also be killed if he grabs and throws them against objects like other enemies and spikes, or throws them over a cliff. Whenever an enemy is terminated colored runes are released and gathered by Conan, for each has its own advantage; green and blue for restoring his health and giving him more magical points whereas the red runes give experience points.

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