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Casino War

casino war

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Casino War

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Casino War Review

CASINO WAR is a game whose trademark is owned by a company called the SHFL entertainment inc. and this is a card game that borrows from the games of war. It is a game that can be understood easily and uniquely one of the games where a player can possibly beat the dealer even by over 50%. This game is played using the card deck of 52 and cards will be ranked just as in a game of poker and the aces are ranked the highest. This has a lovely user interface and you can really enjoy and have a good time with this. This is a very interesting games and lots of things are added regularly and hence it is full of fun, you can really enjoy and have a good time.

How to Play

A card is dealt to the dealer and the player at the same time and if by chance the player’s card is of a higher value, he will win the wager and if the dealer is higher the player will lose. On the other hand a tie will be declared if a dealer and a player will have a card that ranks similarly. In a tie the player can surrender and lose his bet in half or the player can choose to go to war which will require him to double his wager. When a player chooses to continue play after the tie, the dealer will discard three cards before he can deal each of them a card in addition. After the new hand is dealt if a player ranks higher than the dealer he wins but will be awarded only the original amount of his wager. On the other hand if the dealer ranks higher the play will lose his doubled stake and if they tie again the player will now win the wager he doubled. There are lots of people who really want to play and have a good time on the website and you can be one of them as it is full of fun and you can enjoy it completely. So what are you waiting for. Go and enjoy it.

Tied Bets

Casinowar has another very exciting feature where there is a bonus tie which will result in the player winning ten times his original stake if he bets on a tie and his card happens to match that of the dealer. The advantages of this game is that the dealer and the player each stand a chance of winning a 46.3% on the first card that is dealt which would even out the money especially in cases of a tie in the game. This house advantage will increase as the number of decks played increases with the casino bonus payout offer which is usually to over 2%. When a player surrenders it offers a higher advantage to the house when the payout is offered drawn from the expected value probability that the player fails to surrender.

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