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Most of groups like itinerant and watching special TV show everyone fractional to such type of respite would like a novel slot machine online called as Around the World. The game was developed and introduced by Cryptologic. This game is popular and famous among the players. The most celebrated highlights of different countries have been added to this video slot game. Its exceptional features are inspiring. The payoff indexes are getting huge attention. This is considered a multihued bonus pastime.

General description

Around the World is famous because it is based on online technology. This slot machine is a special product by Cryptologic. The game has 5 reels with 20 pay lines. Special symbols have been included in the game. Wild and Scatter symbols are present. A bonus round makes the game more interesting. The minimum bet limit is 5 USD but the highest pay bet is 100 USD. The players can choose between these ranges.

Players can make winning combinations (three) with a ratio of two for the Wild and one for the Scatter. Other symbols are also present for the combinations. This game offers outstanding fun and gaming option. The game has been recognized by the gaming and gambling societies for the different purposes.

Around the World symbols

It is recommended to focus on the special symbols. As mentioned earlier, there are two types of major symbols. The scatter and wild symbols are dominant in this game. On the other hand, there are several other symbols present in this game. All these symbols play an important job to develop match or game wining combinations. The players are required to see the value of each symbol in order to identify the reward. Normally the images are presented as symbols. For example, the image of Egyptian pyramids is considered a good symbol.

Around the World bonuses

The game is known to offer several bonuses. The video game presents different types of bonuses to the players. This encourages the game sense. The game offers a special Bonus Round. In this round the players can collect more points and coins. This bonus round is offered randomly. In some cases the bonus round is appeared with the symbols. Make a special combination and get the bonus round. Get the prizes by controlling the balloons. Players can use the computer mouse for this purpose.


The Around the World doesn’t offer jackpots. This slot machine is very simple in this matter. The maximal pay bet limits should be considered when going to set the bets. It will be better to check the five wild symbols help the players to earn 30 thousand bets.

Where to play?

The players interested to enjoy this special slot machine should check the online casinos. Numerous casinos and slot machine points offer the Around the World. It will be better to choose a reliable gaming source in order to avoid the financial risks. This online slot machine game will give you a superb time of enjoyment and entertainment.

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