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Canada, Poland, Netherland Antilles
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Internation: +1-855-396-1897
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Italy: +39-06-8997-3010
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Australia: +61-2-8880-7638
South Africa: +27-12-004-8274

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Spartan Slots Casino Review

The number of online casinos continues to increase every day, perhaps because of the nice experience that such houses are providing to clients. A cherished elite pastime as well as luxury for men, casinos are the best places to try out your luck with the possibility of landing big money within the twinkle of an eye. Spartan Slots casino is one of the more popular online casinos providing an ambient gaming casino atmosphere to the customers. Operational since 2006, the firm has established itself as one of the premier gaming sites anyone would ever think of. Complete with a strong online presence, the firm offers more than just gaming options to its customers.

The portal of this casino utilizes a theme related to some ancient Greek mythology, being one of the most iconic interfaces in the online gaming industry. You will definitely love the appearance of this portal, an ancient Greek warrior famous for his success on the battlefields. You will obviously love the theme here, which ushers you in as one of the other successors coming on board. Definitely, the appearance does matter to users and it gives you the feeling of either making it through or meeting obstacles before you begin.

Spartan Slots bonuses

Whenever you look at the free bonus of this casino, you can never think of any other place able to match the gifts that come your way here. With a free bonus of three hundred percent on the first deposit, this is more than enough to take you through more than five spins in the future. Whether you want to use these bonuses for deposits or free pins, you will definitely find them very enticing. The bonuses do not stop on the first deposit, the second and their deposits attract bonus rates of up to one hundred percent each, which signals to the continuing benefits as you keep making deposits with this firm.

Jackpots and other huge wins

The progressive jackpot is another factor that makes Spartan Slots casino one of the few classy places to play your gambles and bets. With progressive jackpots, no winner means the amount continues to grow every day, so the day you land the luck you have money bursting your accounts. There is also an option for players to accumulate points over time as they make deposits and play on the casino, which is quite an advantage for loyal players. One can redeem the points as they grow to make more credits or have some good withdrawal limits.

The referral program of this casino is one other thumbs up that we cannot miss to give. With a fifty-dollar addition in cash whenever an existing customer refers a friend, you definitely find it a good place to do business. Not many casinos have such a program, but even when you are taking your loyalty to another level to invite friends to this platform, you do not have to go scot-free. The casino allows you to enjoy luxurious benefits that just leave you willing to call in more people.

Mobile casino

The casino has a mobile version where players can play with their smartphone or table pc. the mobile site is fast and 100% compatible with all mobile devices. In our Spartan Slots casino test we visited the mobile casino with an Iphone and it looked as follows.


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The casino software

The casino relies on the popular TopGame software for its site, which should sound familiar for many online gamers. This application allows some of the best safety features across all environments to ensure that customers are gaming with confidence. Compatible with most windows computers, this is the best software applicable to most casinos, so if you are a casino lover you should not find it very difficult to interact with this system. Obviously, the use of graphics on this platform is also at optimal levels, so you are likely to find it full of fun.

Spartan Slots casino provides an application downloadable to compatible windows computer for play. For those using windows computer, they should find this as quite a big opportunity to enjoy the casino experience right from their homes. However, the support of this platform going solely to windows OS makes it quite a big disadvantage for those who use other systems, which may be quite an inconvenience for many of the other users. Licensed by government in Curacao, this provides a safe and secure application for most online users who love to work in a safe and secure environment that guarantees their safety and privacy at all times.

Spartan Slots player restrictions

However, the site does not allow for players from restricted countries to place their best here. Players from Canada, Poland and the Netherlands Antilles are the culprits under this list, which mean that nationals of this country cannot enjoy the services of this casino unless otherwise. The withdrawal limit for this casino each week is two thousand dollars, which, although standard for several other sites, fails to be high enough to beat the other casinos now providing for up to five thousand dollars as the withdrawal limit.

Banking Options and support

The firm allows for more than five deposit methods. Where players would always worry of the cost of transferring money from one source to another before they make the deposit, here you have more than enough options. You can always choose to use any of these methods depending on that which is more convenient to you. However, a major shortfall here, just like many of the other casinos, there is no use of PayPal as one of the deposit methods, which should be quite a comfortable for those who would prefer it. You can only make ban transfer withdrawals, which should be quite inconveniencing for those looking out to spot an easier method to make the transactions.

Spartan Slots, unlike the rest, allows you several options when it comes to currencies you can play with. Instead of constraining you to a single currency, the US dollar for that matter, it allows you to rove around with numerous different currencies among them the Euro, the British sterling pound as well as the dollar. However, Spartan Slots places a constraint on language in that it only provides an option for English. Without it, you are definitely going to find yourself in a difficult situation maneuvering through the site and conducting one or two transactions.The customer care department of Spartan Slots is also worth a nod, they do quite a good job.

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