Unlike in the last few years, online gambling has become a very popular activity right across the globe. While it is true that many gamblers indulge in the activity with the aim of winning, it must also be appreciated that online gaming provides for a lot of fun and excitement, meaning that it is not all about the money but a pass time activity. One very important thing that online gamblers look into in an online casino is the software in use. There are obviously many software in use and RTG software is just one of them.

RTG software is the product of Realtime Gaming (RTG) Company. This is a software development company that used to have its base in Atlanta in the USA from 1998. The company however moved its operations to Heredia in Costa Rica in 2008. It has since been acquired by Hastings International with its base in Netherlands. This is a company that specializes in providing financial services to trusts and foundations in addition to managing legal entities.

RTG Company has over the years developed several e-gaming products for the benefit of online gaming operators and players as well. The company’s online gaming website is in fact one of the most frequented by online gamblers, recording increased new signings on a daily basis. One of the company’s most valuable e-gaming products is the RTG software, perhaps the only gaming software that can play for a player when the player is engaged in something else. Although the software is very small compared to other software of the same kind and very easy to download, it provides for over 100 games including progressive games.

Although very useful in online gaming, RTG software has its downside too. For a start, downloaded games turn out to be of poor quality particularly when it comes to graphics and sound effects. In this regard, downloaded slot games are particularly affected. Secondly, the company seems to have given online gaming operators the leeway to customize the software so as to set payout percentages that suit their interest.

Despite of the above drawbacks, Real Time Gaming casinos provide  for quality customer support. The fact that the software is continuously being improved means that it is bound to become one of the most dependable online gaming software available. The software has already been used successfully by some of the most established online gaming operators such as Crystal Palace before it closed and Bodog.