Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is approaching and who does not associate the feast of love with gifts? And now it's that time again, some online casinos use the reflective season to make gifts to their players. And today there is a very special treat.

This gift is a little bit bigger than usual and it is an incredible gift indeed. In the period from 01.12.17 to 30.12.17, the reputable PlayOJO Casino organizes a huge raffle with an amazing main prize, a Mini Cooper II, Christmas version. Yes, you can win a MINI ONE COOPER! In fact it is a MINI ONE, 3-door, hatchback with 1.2 l petrol engine. As it is the case with all and every online casino, a bit of luck is needed for this huge gift.

How to win the Super Duper Mini Cooper?

Throughout the tournament, there are tickets to buy and to get for free. But these tickets do not come in a traditional raffle pot, but the participants receive 20 spins per ticket for the Ninja Master slot. And the player with the highest win on the casino slot Ninja Master in this virtual tournament, wins the Mini Cooper.

The more tickets a player has, the more Ninja Master spins one can play. This not only sounds logical, but also helps immensely to come a great deal closer to that dream win. If you want more and if you want to increase your winning chances, you can do that, because you can buy any number of tickets. Each ticket for the raffle costs 1 Euro and gives the player 20 more spins on the tournament slot Ninja Master.

Get free tickets

There are also free tickets throughout the month of December. Every day in December there is a free ticket for players who deposit on their PlayOJO account. This means that every day there are another 20 free rounds possible. For free.

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The first 20 players win

The MINI COOPER II is not the only win, because there is much more to win than the car. In addition to the main prize, the MINI ONE, there are additional cash prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places. The players in these ranks will enjoy amazing wins of 2,500, 1,500, 600 or 400 Euros. Real Cash. The money prizes are not linked to bonus terms and can be withdrawn immediately.

And also for the places 6 to 20 PlayOJO casino has something in the quiver, because there are still nice profits in the form of 25 to 100 freespins. And who knows. Maybe these freespins help players to earn more....

The tournament at a glance

Period: 01.12.2017 at 00:00 until 30.12.2017 at 23:59

Where: PlayOJO Casino

How: 1 ticket includes 20 free rounds at Ninja Master. Tickets can be purchased and received for free.

Ranking: The amount of winnings during the tournament slot at the Casino Slot Ninja Master determine the position of the players on the winning rankings.