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Everybody loves a game of slots; there is rarely anybody that you will find who does not find the game to his liking. You will soon realize that the slots games that can be played on the computers come with a lot many themes. If you have inkling towards robbing, or fascination of real experience, try playing Heist, you are bound to fall in love with the game. There is a robber and a chasing detective to make it more likeable.


Betsoft’s game gives you all the real experience that you will have if you conduct a bank robbery. You will have to break through the security, make your way into the vault and then make the loot! You also get to keep the loot all to yourself, in this game of Heist. It is a 3D video slot, so you are in for an enjoyable ride. It has 5 reels and betting lines of 30, and you can choose to bet from between $0.01 to $1.

Bonus and Features

While making your robbery attempt, you play this Betsoft game like any other slots game; you have to match the symbols. If you find the bank robber Neil Quaylan on the consecutive reels of the game in an active line, you will win up to a stunning sum of $2,500 in a single spin.

There are many features in the game which get you hooked to the game. You have four distinguished bonus rounds in the game, and all initiated with you match some symbols alright. The Glass Cutter game round is very interesting and can be high yielding, considering that every time 3 or more glass cutters features in the game, you will get select to choose from the glass cutters. Each of the glass cutters have prizes being held by them, which could be in the form of bonus credits, access to one of the bonus rounds of the game, and, of course more free spins!

This Betsoft game has what is not usually found in the other games by them. It has the wonderful casino feature of scatter, the symbol being a drill. Again, if you hit 3 or more drills at the same time you will get a sizeable prize sum.

Wild Reel

Heist has the C4 explosives for its wild reel! If you let the C4 symbol take the center place, right in the center of the reel, you will trigger the wild reel bonus. An explosion takes place and all the wins will then have a multiplier of 2. You get that entire sum; and, when the wild reel gets locked you keep earning on the additional win, while the central reel is still wild for you.

Striking Feature

The most attractive feature of the game is the part where you hit 3 or more vault symbol and get to pick up as much of the valuables that you please from the bank. This is featured on a second screen where you play Quaylan himself. You will have to choose from the various options of getting away from the detective Albert Kowalski; and upon getting free you will earn a lot of bonus credits.

Betsoft has made a very good attempt of getting the feel of a real bank robbery to the game of Heist. You will never lose interest while playing the game itself, with the earnings that you make and the simple game plan which keeps you motivated, you are bound to stick to the game. All the bonus games just give you the feeling of robbing a bank; make sure that you have such tendencies in your real life.

Play this game and you will know and experience how it feels to have been on a real robbery. This game is promising in its adventure and has kept up to what it shows. It is here to stay and for real fun and long!

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