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Enchanted is an amazing 3-D slot game developed by Betsoft. It is a five-reel slot, and a player can choose to play from one to 30 active paylines. Each payline can be played for maximum five coins. The coin denominations are of Betsoft standard, starting from $0.02 and up to $1. You can even choose the number of coins you want to bet for each of the 30 pay lines available, from 1X to 5X coins per bet. On starting the game, you will find an introduction sequence that will make you aware of all the elements of the game.

The background theme and context of the game is a beautiful forest where the tree-houses, huge mushrooms and interesting fairy characters are ready to provide you a visual treat. The rewards offered by the game are so huge and attractive that you will develop interest in the game very soon and will opt to play more. Since the game's introduction in 2010, it has found numerous fans around the world and in fact it has inspired other vendors to make similar online games. Undoubtedly, this is one among the highest paying slot games available on web. The interesting storyline, inviting background environment, ease of play and exciting rewards make it the best option for online casino players.

What's Special In Enchanted Casino

The awesome graphics of enchanted casino makes it a delight to the eyes of a player. The clarity, high quality and nearness to reality of its graphics make sure that the player feels himself completely attached to the game. It is an amazing world of an enchanted forest with mind-blowing fantasy characters like fairies, wizards, goblins and ogres. Children will find it very easy to get acquainted to the game due to its resemblance to their dream fairytale. The same can be applied to adults as well. The bonus round of the enchanted slot is a big plus for the players as it maximizes the fun factor in the game. For example, You can get many bonus credits by getting three golden keys from the reel five and giving it to a character named Tonk. Crazy Hat Reels, Feera's Birdie and many more bonus rounds are available for making your game playing experience a memorable one.

Above all, the game playing experience is so simple and straightforward that you will be amazed. All you have to do is to choose the number of lines to activate, bet per line, and the real money coin value of every line. After that, just spin the reels and enjoy your game. The simplicity, beauty and ease of the game make it one of the best products of Betsoft. The creatures in the forest always look like helping you throughout the game and rewarding you for your right moves. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and a forest lover, this is the game for you. The green background of the game keeps amazing your vision all the time. There is no unnecessary complexity involved and the simple rules of the game can be easily found on various web pages including Betsoft website.

How Enchanted Is Better Than Rival Casino Games

While playing an online casino game, a player expects it to be easy to play, well documented, beautiful, highly interactive and fast. One can find all these characteristics in enchanted casino. The look-n-feel of the opening screen itself hints how amazing the journey is going to be throughout the game playing session. The environment set in the game makes you feel that you are in a different world where friendly and lovable characters are your companions. The response time of the game is smooth and fast. The spectacular user interface is one of the best reasons for a player to choose this casino game. Betsoft has delivered a winner in form of this game. None of the rival games stand anywhere near to the simplicity, fastness and beauty of Enchanted.

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