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Curious Machine

curious machine

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Curious Machine
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Curious Machine

Tried time travelling before; going on an adventure, escaping from villains, making new friends, and then there are prizes off course. Betsoft, the pioneer in developing online casino games has come up with another mind blasting, sugar addicting online software game, The Curious Machine or “Miles Bellhouse and his curious machine”. It reminds me of some time travelling movies like the Back to the Future, going around in a machine with lot of levers and a big screen.

How about including a little casino action with 5 reels, Sounds fun? Not yet? What if we add a pinch of 30 paylines? Ok this is what most of online casino games offer. Let’s add a partner, that too with artificial intelligence and a villain. Yeah Betsoft has tried to cross and mix up these thoughts and created another adventurous online software game, The Curious Machine.

The Game design

The software design consists of a 3D casino Slot player, with 5 reels rolling at a time and 30 Pay line. Betsoft software bears an authorized Certification for RNG (Random Number Generator). For which Evaluations are conducted by TST (Technical System Testing), in addition to it has been issued a Junior Associate Certificate by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, too technical though it sound but it insures a fair game play as involve real human beings.

The graphics won’t let your eyes relax with those wavy colors, Good effects with melodious and catchy background music. Developers have made sure to keep the user interface simple, to match the story line and to keep the mood of the game alive.


Meet our Hero, Miles Bellhouse, a young scientist like guy with aero glasses. Apart from Miles, The curious Machine has two more characters, a Robot named Gizmo, who accompanies Miles in completing his tasks and a Villain, General Traytor.


Miles has invented a time travelling device with his partner. General Traytor, wants nothing but to steal the machine from our hero and use it for his own evil tasks. It involves activating all 30 paylines , escaping from General Traytor by flying into some other time, collecting bonuses and Coins and being prized for it. Betsoft has offered a trunk of surprises with this creation.


This Online Software Game has so much to offer, it is quite hard to decide from where to start.

Let’s begin with the Vortex symbol; like any slot machine the reel contains some symbols you need to match (minimum 3 symbols needs to be same), there are in total seven symbols. It includes Game’s main character, symbols like blueprint and vortex. Vortex is something known as wildcard, pretty cool huh. You can replace it with any other symbol to make a winning combination.

Jurassic age pays you 5 times more

This is a special adventure feature, which gets activated if you get 3 or more Dinosaur symbols on reels; you travel like billion years back in the time in the land of Dinosaur. Unlike crazy T-Rex of the movie, you will definitely like the Jurassic theme of the game as it gives you a chance to earn bonuses up to 5X.

Run From General jackpot

There is a part when General Traytor tries to enter the arena, this activates the time travelling sequence and you can earn bonuses and hence more credit and more chances for jackpots.

Rewind the reel, go to past

There is a saying, more the risk more the return. When you bid with 30 paylines on and do not win anything, sometimes you will be rewarded with a second chance to roll on, well this is pretty lucrative.

Bet on Gizmo

A classic guessing gamble, which is an optional bonus round after any winning spin, In this the Gizmo hides a coin in one of his hand, guess the hand and the prize is twice, but if you lose you lose everything.

Summing Up

Overall the game is a mix of adventure and class, with a hint of being developed out of many Hollywood greats. With so many cool features and unique theme, the curious Machine rises up to the top level of Betsoft Software.

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