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Aztec Treasure

aztec treasure

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Aztec Treasure
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At the movies

There is a legend that says we all come from some Africa or may be some links up to Amzon Forest, well both of them are tribal and reminds me of movies such as Indians Jones. The moment was recreated while playing this game Aztec’s treasure which is yet another online game from Betsoft Software. The motivation seems to be the fascinating Treasure stories often linked up with tribal people of Mexico and one leader of that tribe.

The game is quite simple as it include quite vivid image with added sharp details of once ethnic tribe. The game includes a 5 reel slot machine which makes you go crazy for treasure hunt and also cash in things you found during spin.

Plot and the game machine

Rook, Our main character in this online software game is a love crazy Tribal leader, who has this funny Feather hat and a spear and wears this weird Egyptian outfit, fatso and looks adorable. There are many bonus rounds like the secret room, Second screen, Wild reel etc. Two of my favorite:

The Love Hut and the kiss me screen.

Aztec’s Treasure from betsoft is a 5 reel virtual slot machine, with 30 paylines with a jackpot of up to $20,000 to be won. The graphics are remarkable with golden colors, forest looks, precious stones, Jaguars, Tribal babes and treasures. The sound seems to be developed with some tribal folk music, very catchy. Overall excellent architectural work by Betsoft’s team (which by the way are leaders in designing) to carve out Aztec’s Treasure right to the top in online gaming software.


Key ingredients of any software are features, and so it has a hell lot to count, some are: Free spins, wild cards (usually appears when Rook hit a treasure with his spear), Primary Wild cards, and many bonus rounds. Game play being smooth will make you addictive for sure.

Game Play

The game has a row of controller buttons, which includes: Choose coins, Select lines, bet one, Spin and Max Bet spin. This is quite a self explanatory control panel for players.

Betting starts with a standard of $0.02 to $ 1 per line, which makes it available for players with low budget and high enthusiasm to check on their luck. Aztec’s treasure also features a bet option with 5X multiplier making the bet to be $150 per spin.

Let’s move it

With that much bonus rounds up for the grab, chances of winning increases.

The more you spin, the more are the chances to get a free bonus spin, which in reality appears when you get three geckos in a row. The free spins are directly correlated to the amount you win and also results in instant credit, so betters look out for Geckos.

Aim for the spear

On getting at least one spear icon on the board, Rook becomes eligible for spear toss wild card, he will come out and will aim at some treasure icon and boom, you win some credit.

Kiss me

Kiss me wild bonus activates when there is a tribe surrounded by tribal girl on either side. So when you get it our love hunting chief becomes happy to get some fun.

Rook loves to be a Love machine

Ever heard of love boat? Aztec’s treasure features love hut, this bonus screen offers the player a lot of credit bonus and that too by making our lover boy happy. The screen features Rook gifting village girls and going into the Love hut with them. The more the blast inside the hut, more is the earnings. It get’s activated when you get at least 3 love hut icons.


Online slots machine are catching crazy web traffic and games like Aztec’s treasure are the reason behind it. The developers have made sure that the whole essence of the casino slot is being put into online software with a lot of power options and winning chances for the player. The game with that much effect and so much offerings and allowance for low end players makes it Legendary.

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