New Jersey is one of the three States in the United States where online gambling has been legalized. Therefore, it is in the limelight whenever issues regarding online gambling are raised. Online casino operators need the State for their business to be successful. This is the reason Pokerstars is wooing poker players from New Jersey and Betfair is glad to continue operating in the state. For the state to succeed in regulating the online gambling, it takes the required measures in testing.

Online gambling testing in New Jersey

For the State of New Jersey to ensure that online gambling is taking place smoothly, the operators and software providers go through exhaustive testing. The chief of Division of Gaming Enforcement Technical Services Bureau, Eric Weiss has provided this information.

According to the Weiss, the testing through which online poker and casino software in New Jersey goes through is complex, technical and it is removed from the view of public. It not only includes initial applications but also reviews of each update and changes made by the operators and the software providers.

Betfair to continue operating in New Jersey

According to New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, Trump Plaza is due for closure later in the month. Despite that, Betfair, who has been its partner, will continue to operate in the State. The reports by Bloomberg business news says that the Division of Gaming Enforcement has signed an order to allow Betfair to continue with its online casino operations despite the winding down of its land based partner on 16 September.


David Rebuck, New Jersey’s director DGE said that as Trump Plaza closes its operations and Betfair continues to operate in the state, the division will ensure there is a smooth transition by considering the input of all the parties involved.

Online gambling operators are required by the regulations in New Jersey to have a license under a land operator in Atlantic City. This has resulted with Atlantic City land casinos being partnered with European online gambling operators who are experienced such as Betfair. The winding down of Trump Casino means that Betfair will have to search for a partner for replacement. Division of Gaming Enforcement does not seem to have given Betfair a time limit in which to operate without a land operator partner.

Pokerstars in preparation of New Jersey market

Pokerstars is preparing to enter the New Jersey market a move that has made it woo the poker players in the state. Pokerstars invited former VIP players who are residing in the state to attend two Open House discussions that it was hosting.

In the two discussions forums, two members of management in Pokerstars will attend. They will invite feedback on topics and concern the players might be having as the launch of Pokerstars in the market is anticipated after the Amaya Group acquired it. The discussions will help Pokerstars understand the needs of online poker players in New Jersey before it launches in the market.