As the issue of resurrecting the Wire Act continues, states that have already legalized online gambling are on the lookout on how to improve it. New Jersey, which is one of the states, is likely to benefit from the talks aiming at the sharing of player pool with Nevada and the marketing campaigns planned by Ceasars Interactive Entertainment.

Talks of New Jersey and Nevada to share player pools

The governors of New Jersey and Nevada have been discussing the prospects of sharing the online poker players. This is according to reports by Las Vegas Review Journal. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Brian Sandoval of Nevada are said to have had the discussion, a fact that was confirmed by the governor of New Jersey through a tweet. Currently, the two states have limited cooperation by sharing prize pools in land slot.

These discussions form the latest developments in efforts of collaborating of the three states that have legalized online gambling. The states are New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Nevada and Delaware are already in an agreement of sharing player pools, something that is likely to be implemented towards the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

The involvement of New Jersey with Nevada will have a bigger impact considering that it is more populous than the other states. According to the analysts, sharing of players is the best way to move forward in the US environment that is legally fragmented. An agreement between New Jersey and Nevada will also likely involve Delaware, which is already in agreement with Nevada.

Despite the positive results that could be obtained by the sharing of player pools, a pertinent question has been raised. It concerns how the three states will ensure that there is regulatory harmony. The worrying part is Nevada’s ‘bad actor’ provisions, which are not present in New Jersey and Delaware. These provisions could impact on how operators and software developers are accepted from a Nevada point of view, something that could create complications.


Caesars interactive marketing campaign in New Jersey

Caesars Interactive Entertainment is planning to take advantage of the cooler weather that will be in autumn and winter by creating awareness campaigns. This is because changes in seasons have an impact on the behavior of players and the cold seasons are likely to raise more online gambling interest.

There is confirmation from Caesars that it will have an ad campaign on TV in the month of September to alert the residents of New Jersey that online gambling is legal in their state. They will also be informed that they can access and play the 120 or more games on the casinos website.

Adrian Bailey, the vice president of digital marketing, Caesars Interactive Entertainment said that the aim of the campaign is to sensitize the public on the games available and on what the company is offering online. He added that the campaigns are down in summer but as the cold season begins, online gambling activities rise. The ads campaign will be for both desktop and mobile devices because mobile gaming is growing in popularity.