The current bills intending to ban Internet gambling and online lottery sales have raised the concern of lotteries executives of three states. The executives are Idaho Lottery director, Jeffrey Anderson; New Hampshire Lottery executive director Charles McIntyre; and Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency director, Stephen Martino. The three presented their arguments for the rights of states in online gambling.

In their argument that they wrote in The Intelligence, a Washington state publication, the three noted that lotteries in the States fund worthy causes since they generate billions of dollars as revenues. For instance in 2013, the 44 lotteries generated over $20 billion in revenues.

The three executives wrote that they are concerned with efforts of the congress to pass nationwide ban on online gambling and the sale of lottery tickets. They noted that state lotteries have an important role they play in the investments in the communities and in the future of the states. They wrote that it is in their firm belief that decisions concerning gambling should be left to individual states. The States should be left to determine which online games to offer if at all, they have then and in which way they should be delivered.

The three went on to say that even if not all the lotteries intend to go to the Internet, they all have a unified belief that the issue of Internet gambling and lottery sales is not and should not be a decision by the federal government. They have the concern that a federal ban on all Internet gambling would be an overwhelming blow not just to the lotteries but also to all those affected by the contributions the lotteries make in the society.

According to the article, a current study has revealed that the cost of a federal ban could be $ 5.5 billion per year. This large amount of money could lead to serious shortages in the provision of state services providing more reasons why there should not be a federal ban on Internet gambling.

The executives suggest that the passing of the bills by the congress would be a direct attack on the rights of the states. They noted that as from 1964 when the first state lottery was founded in the State of New Hampshire, States have operated the lotteries safely, effectively and responsibly. They have made sure that there is transparency while also promoting fair play.

In case some states decide to have lottery sales or Internet gambling, they will put in place the same high standards and extensive safeguards. This is a choice that should be left to each state to make. They added that efforts of some Congress members to replace their judgment to that of the states on issues relating to lottery policy and Internet gambling should not be agreed with and it should be rejected.

Currently, the bills for banning Internet gambling have not yet been passed and this is not likely to take place in the current session with the house being on recess. However, the supporters have been noted saying they will introduce the bills in the next legislative session.

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