Online gambling has taken root in many countries with some already providing regulations. Despite its acceptance and promotion in the society, gambling comes with vices which if not curbed can be harmful to the gamblers. Some online gambling operators may be unfair (our casino blacklist) to the players taking all their money without winning or having unfair games. On the other hand, some players may end up being addicted to gambling, or they may end up gambling all their money leaving their family suffering. There have also been instances of underage gambling.

It is on this basis that there is need for protection to have safe online gambling. Measures are being taken by the online gambling operators and the governing authorities to ensure that online gambling it taking place safely.

Responsible gambling accreditation

Responsible gaming council of Canada is targeting online gambling providers who would like to raise their assurance that they are taking measures of responsible gambling. This is through the launched RG Check – internet, a program for awarding international accreditation to online gambling websites after they have undergone independent and practical assessment of the gambling safeguards they are using.

The standards to be used have been created by the Remote Gaming Council, which will also manage the Canada program. PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada will manage the program internationally with the final award decision remaining with RGC.

The accreditation will ensure that online gambling operators with the award have fulfilled the requirements for responsible gambling.


European commission and online player protective measures

The online gambling player needs to be protected when accessing gambling services online. It is on this notion that the European commission took up recommendations on the protection of the player. It is hopeful that these measures will be helpful to EU member states in achieving protection of high level to their citizens on Internet gambling. Many of these member states already have in place online gambling regulatory measures at the national level.

European commission has been debating and consulting on having a unified approach to player protection measures in online gambling all over the European Union for the last four years. The adoption of the recommendations by the European Commission is a sign of progress.

The recommendations are:

  • Ensuring that EU member states citizens, particularly the minors are informed about the risks associated with online gambling. The operators should make responsible efforts to communicate a cohesive message of responsible gaming.

  • Ensuring that those who are doing online gambling are provided with information that gives more clarity and assurance that legitimate online gaming sites in which they use to play have the required safeguards. These safeguards should be in areas such as age, the verification of identity and appropriate registration controls.

  • Online gambling operators have a duty to take up measures that alleviate the risks related to online gambling, especially in the case of problem gamblers.

  • The anti-money laundering measures must be applied stringently.

  • European Union member states will have an obligation of conducting risk assessment nationally.