Day 5

The day continued with 79 players surviving out of the 291 who started the day, among them being two who took part in November Nine last year namely Mark Newhouse and Vitaly Lunkin. The 79 will go to day 6. Newhouse led with 7.4 million chips followed by Kyle Keranen with 6.67 million.

Newhouse had started day 5 behind Matt Haugen who survived the day and Zack Jiganti, who did not make it. As an experienced live tournament and Internet pro, Newhouse played aggressive poker, which led to him taking the lead. Other players who survived are Maria Ho, the last woman standing, Martin Jacobson, Matt Waxman, David Tuthill, Brian Hastings and Isaac Baron.

The day also saw two women Mercia Kunst and Mikiyo Aoki leaving. Other skilled players also left including Mike Sowers, Jeff Madsen, John Monnette, Mukul Pahuja, Brian Townsend, Ali Eslami, Griffin Benger, Jonathan Aguiar and Vladimir Shchemelev.

Day 6

The 79 survivors of day 5 started day 6 being led by Mark Newhouse the 2013 November Niner leading with 7.4 million chips.

The last woman standing at the beginning of the day, Maria Ho was eliminated at the 77th position with cash prize of $ 85,812. This is the second time she has taken part in the main event because in 2007, she finished at 38th position. Others who also did not make it through the day are Brian Hastings at 64th position for $103,000; Vitaly Lunkin at 57th position for $124,447; Michael Kamran, Shahen Martirosian and Paul Senter on $186,3888. Others include Matt Waxman,David Tuthill, Isaac Baron and Clayton Maguire.

Newhouse who had been leading at the start of the day lost the lead before the break for dinner. He lost to Martin Jacobson, who had been playing well. However, after the break Louis Velador took the lead with 14,320,000 chips. Dan Sindelar followed him with 12, 750,000 chips. Newhouse had nearly 7 million chips at around position ten. However, he is hoping to set a record of being present in the final table for two consecutive years. Dan Harrington only achieved this in 2003 and 2004 where the number of entry fields was less than 1/3 of what is in modern events.

The day ended with 27 survivors who will go on to day 7 and hopefully to the final table. Martin Jacobson took the lead with 22,335,000 chips being followed Luis Velador with 16,600,000 chips. Others who survived the day are Bryan Devonshire, Dan Smith, Iaron Lightbourne, Mark Newhouse and Craig McCorkell. Furthermore, included are Andrey Zaichenko, Eddy Sabat, Scott Palmer, Daniel Sindelar, Kyle Keranen, Sean Dempsey and Leif Force.

The players remaining are guaranteed a six figure payout with the least being $ 286,900. The elimination of the 19th player will see the payout get to $ 347,521. The first member of the final table to be eliminated will earn $ 730,725 and others will get higher amounts.

Below are the top ten chip counts with Newhouse not being on site. Martin Jacobson with 22,335,000 chips, Luis Velador with 16,600,000, Dan Sindelar with 16,345,000, Andoni Larrabe with 15,280,000, William Pappaconstantinou with 14,640,000, Bruno Politano with 11,625,000, Dan Smith with 10,335,000, Craig McCorkell with 8,765,000, Felix Stephensen with 7,740,000 and Andrey Zaichenko with 7,335,000.

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