We had a poll running and we asked you about which countries you would want to read more regarding online gambling and law. We promised to write a short summary about the top three voted countries. Great Britain took the first playce followed by Italy. Surprisingly Argentina reached the third place in the vote So below is what is taking place in other countries.

Great Britain

Great Britain has a new UK online gambling licensing law. The new point-of-consumption law is being implemented with applications for licenses expected from the online gambling operators with some of them already applying. Britain’s Gambling Commission head, Jenny Williams when attending an international gambling conference hosted in Barcelona noted that some online gambling operators were in many jurisdictions. It was therefore important for the commission to know if they were not heeding to the regulations of others.

Williams also added that the law will also help in monitoring financial riskiness since it is a concern if the operators have financial risks in grey markets. She also said that British licensing system was consistent and open with reasonable licensing fees. It is also beneficial since the unlicensed operators will not have permission to market themselves to the UK online customers.

The point of consumption law enables the commission to regulate major online operators not based in the United Kingdom. These operators are accessing and getting profits from British gamblers on the Internet and mobile. With the licensing, the commission will be more effective in understanding how the operators conduct their business and it will be in a better position in assessing risks and implementing change.



The poker fans in this country have received a boost with the addition of two online poker-playing sites, Paddy Power and Novus Poker. Paddy Power, the Italian sports betting and casino has included online poker to the site. This can be accessed using Italian iPoker network. Novus Poker on the other hand is a new online poker site launched on the Top alliance network, accessing Italian players. You might also check our italian site.


A trade association in Argentina is proposing better regulation of online gambling. This is because currently the operators are struggling with the different systems that are in the 23 provinces and 1 city. The- ALEA- Association of Lotteries, Pools and Casinos is lobbying for a regulatory framework at federal level, which provides a cohesive and consistent system of online gambling regulations for the whole country while at the same time respecting the rights of provinces. The success of the association would mean better regulation and moving forward of the industry in the country.

According to the ALEA, the draft that it is working on will lead to a regulation approach that is more honest and coordinated. It will also help to exclude operators who are unlicensed and who are not contributing to the community or paying tax to the government.

This is a timely act for the current system, which is confusing, fragmented, and alleged to be corrupt. The system has only issued four online casino licenses after the first one was issued in 2002. The provincial authorities have issued all the licenses. ALEA is optimistic that the federal government will consider the proposals, given that it also consists of other precautions in areas such as underage and criminal activities.