Nevada is one of the states in United States that regulates online casinos. The regulation is meant to curb the illegal activities that take place in casinos while at the same time providing the state with revenues. Casino industry has been projected to generate a lot of revenue for the casinos and the state. Despite that, the revenues have been on a downward trend and that includes in the month of April.

In April, the Casinos in Nevada recorded a reduction in gaming revenues, which reduced by 0.27 percent to 852 million dollars on a year on year basis. The casinos responsible for the reduction of revenues are in the rest of the state since the ones in Las Vegas improved their revenues by 3.2 percent to about 463 million dollars.

One of the contributors of the reduced revenues is the slots win, which fell by 4.7 percent to 567 million dollars. The revenues for the table game rose by 10 percent. The highest table game earner was Baccarat, which had increased revenue of 39 percent to get to 90.3 million dollars. Blackjack was up by 4 percent and Craps by 18 percent. Most of the other games lost such as; roulette, -20 percent; pai gow, -5 percent; three card poker, -8 percent; let it ride, -17 percent; mini baccarat, -30 percent and bingo, -73 percent.

This shows that most of the games were on a downward trend except the few, which have a positive margin. In this, category is poker whose revenues improved by 10 percent, to 8.8 million dollars. The online porker was not left behind in downward revenues, which reduced by 14.5 percent to 762 thousand dollars. The total online porker was 10.2 million dollars.

Even with the regulation of online casinos, a lot have changed in the world of casinos. Younger people are now visiting casinos since in 2013 a tourist to Las Vegas was aged about 36 years. This is a reduction by about 4 years from the 2009 visitor. The gambling tourists have also fallen from 83 percent in 2009 to 71 percent in 2014. Despite the fall, people are spending slightly more in gambling now by having a budget of about 530 dollars, than they did in 2009 when the budget was about 481 dollars. The only down side is that they are spending less time in gambling with an average of 2.9 hours in a day in 2014 in comparison to 3.2 hours spent in 2009.

The number of visitors willing to go all the way to Las Vegas for gambling also reduced to 24 percent visitors from the previously 39 percent. This shows that the availability of online casinos will reduce the number of people who will travel to Las Vegas for gambling.

Online casinos seem to hold the future of gambling. They enable a person to have the thrill of casinos while in their own comfort. The online casino revenues are projected to grow as more people embrace gambling online instead of going to casinos. The states regulating casinos are looking forward into having a share these revenues.