There are a few things that separate a quality online poker site from the others: reliability, game-availability, and bonuses are among the most important. It’s a crowded field, but Microgaming Network skin 24h Poker is pushing to establish itself among the leaders in these and other areas.

Software Reliability and Credibility

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a poker site is the user-interface. This is the player’s window to the site and the games. The quality of the interface is the most important factor in player enjoyment. Most players agree that the best software is on Poker stars or the Micro gaming Network, while the jury is still out on Full Tilt’s new software. A lot of people find Merge and Bovada to be too slow or “clunky,” but some players like the anonymous play at Bovada. Ultimately, it comes down to player taste, a lot of new players try a number of different sites before picking a main site for their play.

{module 200}Poker players are often suspicious of online poker companies with which they are unfamiliar, and for good reason. Scandals at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, as well as the Full Tilt mess, have made players wary. But the Micro gaming Poker Network has spotless record of credibility in the online poker market. Pokerstars, too, has been a beacon of reliability and is now using its clout to try to resurrect Full Tilt Poker, which is great for rocker, of course. Only time will tell regarding Full Tilt’s future credibility though.

Though it’s a network of dozens of different skins, Micro gaming has been among the most trustworthy networks in online poker. The great track record likely has something to do with Micro gaming’s set up process. Among the highest quality Micro gaming skins is 24h Poker, which is operated by the trusted iGame company.

Game Availability


the most popular online poker sites in the world are Poker stars, Full Tilt Poker, and the Micro gaming Poker Network. As noted above, Poker stars and Full Tilt are the same company now, but they are operated as best rate sites, so it makes sense to discuss them separately in this section.

Poker stars is by far the largest online poker room. As such, it offers the most of everything: most game types, most games, most players... and nobody else are even close. Peak daily traffic at Poker stars hits 30000 players frequently. But Poker stars, because of its size, can be intimidating for new players. Every online player should have a Poker stars account, but serious players should take advantage of the opportunities at other sites too and new players might be more comfortable starting out somewhere else.

For example, at Full Tilt Poker, a typical day peaks out somewhere just above 3000 players. The site is definitely not the behemoth it once was, but the traffic is good. More players are venturing to give Full Tilt a second chance.

Microgaming peak traffic is usually around 2000 players, which is plenty to stay in action 24/7 for all but the rarest game types. Micro gaming offers round-the-clock tournaments, including single-table and multi-table tournaments.
Bonus and Promotion Value.

Bonus and Promotion Values

Because it is the largest online poker site, Poker stars doesn’t typically offer promotions as good some of the smaller sites. R1O, now, Poker stars is not offering any sign-up bonus to speak of, but the VIP program is very good especially if you play a lot.

Full Tilt Poker, in an attempt to rebuild after its recent problems1 is offering a 100% sign-up bonus up to 100€ to try to attract new players. It’s a good promotion certainly, and they’re also offering several other things as part of a new player we tome package. So they might be worth a look at Full Tilt.

For Microgaming, promotions and bonuses vary from skin to skin. The bonuses are sometimes pretty generous, because each skin has to work to attract players. On 24h Poker right now, for example, there is a new player sign up bonus of 200% up to 1, 000 Euros. In addition to the sign up bonus, 24h Poker has one of the best player loyalty programs online.

In the end, Pokerstars are the king of the online poker world, but the race for second place is close. Full Tilt Poker has a lot of players, but the Micro gaming Network is likely a more reliable name. And because of promotions and bonuses offered by sites like 24h Poker, it seems like a lot of players might do well to test on Microgaming.