The number of online casinos and physical casino facilities has increases tremendously over the last few years. To attract more customers, a good number of casinos have crafted very attractive bonuses that they particularly offer new players. The number of casino bonuses on offer can simply be very confusing to new players. The choice of a good casino can therefore be a very overwhelming task.

It is not appropriate to straight away register with a casino simply because it offers attractive bonuses. It is highly recommended that you first evaluate a casino to ascertain whether or not it can actually pay out its bonus offer. It is also recommended that you consider such other factors as deposit/payment options available to you, a casino’s repute, software in use and level of customer support.

When it comes to casino bonuses, it is always recommended that you read a casino’s terms, conditions and rules that relate to bonuses so that you know from the outset what to expect. Note that a bonus advertisement you read may not be what is offered. There are varied types of casino bonuses and it is only appropriate that you get to know the same before you can register with any casino. They include the following:

  • Sign-up bonus – At times referred to as Welcome Bonus, the sign-up bonus is offered to new players registering with a casino for the first time. There is no fixed sign-up bonus as every casino sets its own figure. This type of bonus is usually expressed in percentage form such as a 100% sign-up or welcome bonus. What this means is that should you start playing with $50, the casino will grant you another $50, meaning that you will now play with $100.

  • Cashable bonus – This type of bonus is offered to both new and established players. It is offered in case you place a successful wager and wish to withdraw your winnings.

  • Sticky bonus – You are most likely to find this type of bonus in online casinos using Real Time, Microgaming or Playtech software. The bonus is designed to act as a bet and you can never withdraw it.

  • Free play bonus – This type of bonus is offered to you soon after signing up with a casino. You literally have the opportunity to play for free although a casino will start you off with a very attractive balance. Should you win, the same is granted to you as a bonus so long as you place your first deposit.

  • No deposit bonus – This is basically a bet bonus meant to attract you to register with a casino. It is however useful since it provides you with the opportunity to play without risking your money. The bonus is usually smaller compared to a sign-up bonus.

  • Loyalty bonus – This type of bonus is designed to encourage you to remain with a casino you register with. It is basically a reward for sticking and playing at a specific casino for some time.

  • High roller bonus – You will receive this type of bonus if you continuously place large deposits. Most casinos set the minimum deposit threshold at $1000.

  • Referral bonus – A casino will encourage you to bring in customers by referring them to its site. For any friend you refer and creates a money account, you automatically receive the bonus. There are sites that offer very attractive referral bonuses, which can be as high as $50.

  • Reload bonus – This is similar to high roller bonus except that it does not have any minimum threshold. It is designed to encourage you to continue reloading your money account and play.

It is not a secret that you can make good money by continuously receiving different types of bonuses. The secret lies in three main things; sticking by a specific casino, continuously reloading your money account and referring your friends. It is however important that you read a casino’s conditions on how you can earn a specific bonus.