Online casino industry has seen a tremendous growth over the last few years. This can be attributed to several factors. One, penetration of Internet into areas of parts of regions of the globe that did not hitherto have access to the same has romped in a good number of people into the gambling industry. Secondly, the number of online casinos has also increased, giving gamblers a good opportunity to choose the best sites to register with. Thirdly, improvement in technology has made it possible for online gaming software developers to come up with very effective software that continue to encourage more people to indulge in gambling not only for the money but also for the entertainment part of it. Lastly, more government authorities are giving in to gambling and actually licensing online gaming operators in their jurisdictions.

The increased activity in the gambling industry means that there is stiff competition by online gaming operators to register as many players as possible. Every operator now strives to make its website not only attractive but full of features that appeal to players. Apart from appealing features, different online gaming operators also make available varied offers and promotions to entice new players. One such offer is the casino no deposit offer.

A casino no deposit offer is a type of bonus made available to a gambling site’s visitors. The offer involves an operator offering free money to visitors to open a gambling account. The operator puts the money in an account for the benefit of a newly registered player to play with without the player making a deposit using his/her own money. Apart from enticing a visitor to open a gambling account, the casino no deposit offer is very useful considering the fact that a new player has the opportunity to have a realistic idea of how a gambling site works under real money play condition.

One interesting thing about the casino no deposit offer is that it is mostly made available by gambling sites that accept registration by USA citizens. Most sites that do not allow registration of US citizens do not have this offer. They instead have different offers and promotions.

Different online casino operators have different casino no deposit offers. There are operators that make available free money with free minutes or hours of play. Upon expiry of allocated free play time, a player is obligated to deposit his/her own money before he/she can continue playing. Although most casino no deposit offers in the past ranged between $5 and $15, it is not surprising to find an online casino offering as much as $500 with a lot of free play time for new players wishing to establish themselves in the online gambling industry.

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