eCOGRA stands for E-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. There is a brief explanation about eCOGRA. Basically is a London based international testing agency and provide protection for the players and standards organization. That was established in 2003 in the United Kingdom and organized online gaming.

There may be lots of disputes between players and the organization providing gambling facility, so  eCOGRA provides protection to them also. Many people confused about eCOGRA. There are lots of statistics available by fair gambling advocates. For example more than 800 requests are received by eCOGRA to help and settle disputes. And out of these requests, more than 80 requests are not found safe by eCOGRA. If the certification is provided, then only eCOGRA will work as a mediator between online gambling operators and their customers. Some requests were not valid as they didn’t provide the necessary information needed for certification.

There is not the surety to totally prevent these disputes, but the level of safety is increased as eCOGRA approves the organization. This gives customers a feel of relaxation that they are dealing with fair online casino and they are following the correct path to entertainment. This is telling us the limitation about eCOGRA.

This organization has been awarded by various accreditation services and one of them is United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). In Spain, United Kindom, Aldeney, Italy, Denmark, the accredited testing agency is eCOGRA. The company is focusing now on the provision of regulatory compliance services in regulated markets.

There are lots of approval seal provided and they are as follows:

Safe and Fair


Online gambling operator should be safe and secure and this is making them accepted to customers. eCOGRA is proving protection and fair gaming and it is also responsible for operator behavior.

Certified Software

The eCOGRA certified software online games are secure. Everybody is seeking security and if this is certified by this institute, then it is easy to take decision to choose the right online gambling operator. This certification gives a breath of relief.

Affiliate Trust

There was a huge demand for affiliation programs and this is introduced by the eCOGRA. This provides a quality to online gambling. If we talk about the staff of eCOGRA, then we found that there are professional auditors and they are having an experience from four big auditing firms. There are also experts from information experts and gambling specialists.

The organization that is taking the responsibility of trust to customers is CEREUS Network. CEREUS network qualifies all rules and regulation which are defined. There are lots of positive points. The online gaming sites are approved by eCOGRA and the review committee contains various strong reviewers. The board of Directors, executive directors and independent directors take decisions to approve any online gambling site for certification. The sites applied for certifications should have knowledge of rules and regulations.

The main objective of eCOGRA is to protect the customers, providing a safe mode of payment and ease of playing environment. The players are very much comfortable with operator if the online gambling site is eCOGRA certified. It also has some terms and conditions for customers. Customers should be aware with these rules and regulation to avoid any disputes. There should not be any confusion between players and the operators. Although eCOGRA is there, as a mediator but no one of them should treat as a fraud. There is a provision to freeze a player’s account and there are other punishments for the game providers also. So everyone should be careful. Every game is for entertainment and the purpose of eCOGRA is to enrich the beauty of games. Certified sites gave a piece of mind and relaxation too. Customer satisfaction, making a great bond between player and organizers are the priority jobs of eCOGRA.

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