Established in the year 2003, ecommerce and online gaming regulation and assurance commonly known as eCOGRA was set to improve online gaming security. The main aim of this non-profit organization is to provide reliable and factual information about online casinos where many have lost lot of cash due to lack of sufficient and credible source of information. Its members are derived from well legalized casinos who have met required standards.

Being independent in its operation, eCOGRA sets out policies and standards each online gaming corporation has to meet then award free seal .This clearly indicates to any player that the site is secure and operates ethically as required. This organization award a seal upon verification of their modes of services such as fair games, honest advertising, punctual payments safe storage of customer data, responsible ethical behavior and fraudulent measures that offers all clients a safe and reliable services.

Offering constant supervisory services; they ensure the rights of the players areupheld and member casinos abide by set rules all the time. Members are expected to behave with honesty and are subjected to regular audits. The audit report is usually displayed in their website and players have a variety of possible choice from certified members basing on the audit reports.

The organization receives complains from players and make necessary steps. They then publish the complaints and how each was solved by affected Gaming Corporation. This usually done quickly by these gaming sites as they do not want to lose their registered clients.

Creating awareness about new established casinos; upon application of membership by new casinos, independent directors go ahead and certify whether they comply to set standards. Seal of service is then awarded to successful compliant sites. The seal is supposed to be displayed on the first web page should any player visit; they can make easy judgment whether to join.

They solve disputes arising from certified members. When a dispute if filed, the organization organ responsible for dispute resolution then applies the laid down procedure and ensures it is completely solved and both parties are formed upon completion of findings. Members are allowed to renew their membership by constantly getting in touch and get free audit reports on their past operations.

In addition, they maintain a good relationship with interested groups such as law enforcement agencies, individuals who carry reviews and groups. It enhances constant surveillance of members and participates in forums aimed at reaching potential players. The organization is also capable of denouncing seal of service to any member who have engaged in unethical and unaccepted terms of service making it lose security trust by players.

Maintaining responsible gambling is a requirement to be fully met by all certified casinos. Building eCOGRA begins by helping them to improve security through raising necessary issues or complains about something or on Particular Corporation. Newly formed casinos can apply to be certified to make them legally operational and attract new players upon achieving set standards stipulated.

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