When players played casino whoring for the first time, they found that there is a lack of such great sites that can meet the needs of the casino bonus whoring and hunters of bonuses, which are very experienced. Many of there friends would be asking then some information about this money making online casino.

What is Casino Whoring?

Casino Whoring is an unpleasant, however not so unsuitable term. It is used to refer to a method of grabbing free bonus that is offered in various online casinos. Its theory says that by using a logical probability and some arithmetic calculations, it will be easy to identify the bonuses at online casinos that can give you a guaranteed profit of certain estimated amount. By using this concept, a player can easily play this casino and gain a profit of a sum approximately equal to the calculated value. And then moves to another casino that also offers the same type of guarantee by not incurring any failure or loss during playing.

And why should one get interested in it?

If anyone ever has been to Las Vegas, he very well knows the business of casino, which is a big business as well as very competitive. The entire casino games consist of a built-in type of mathematical concept-house edge in which no value of betting or play strategy can overcome it. It means a player may be lucky or sometimes unlucky over a short run, but over the long run casino would win a specific value per bet.

Casino Bonuses


Even though there are various types of casino bonuses available. The objective for Casino Whoring is primarily the Deposit Bonuses that is the first Deposit, second deposit and many more for fresh players. The first time players are given this type of bonuses for getting joined with the sites. Generally, it appears in the form of some percentage of the value of the deposits to some limits.

For example: 200% of 1rst deposit near up to $200.

The term (WR) Wagering Requirements is the requirement that comes with Deposit Bonuses. This type of requirement limits the withdrawal of the jackpot winning from the amount of bonus until a certain bonus amount is played through or wagered.

For example: Wagering Requirements of 20xB: it means that at least 20 times of the bonus must be gambled for an overall total amount of bets.

In this example, Wagering Requirements will be $4,000 if the bonus is $200.

Casino whoring techniques

The ‘payout percentages' is the most important factor to assess the probability of winning a casino game. These are the probabilities that the machines here the gambling software for online casinos give out in an entire play cycle.

Let’s say 96.5% is the payout percentage of slots, which means a full amount of 96.5% of every bet would be re-won for that particular game and 3.5% will be kept by the casino in a cycle.

Pay attention: Payout percentages can differ according to the gaming software used in the online casino as well as the kind of game.

The probabilities of winnings are to a great extent affected by the selection of games in the online casinos. In most cases, the payout percentage is better than slots for the table games like roulette, blackjack, poker etc. So, the very first thing to which an expert of Casino Whoring would see is whether the better probability of games is accepted by the bonus terms or not. While various small size and medium size casinos do not give the permission to play games in other slots, in some cases the big size legal online casinos do permit it.

Is Casino whoring perfect?

The calculations depend on correct Payout Percentage and total payout cycle. There are various factors that can affect the probabilities one way or another. Therefore, the technique cannot be considered perfect. Yet, the risk of losing cash is significantly minimized.