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All American

This is a compound noun that has several meanings and used in different situations. The first and most commonly used definition is that in sports. All-American is a word used to describe a voluntary team from any American college sport. This team is normally comprised of outstanding honorary players. These players are those considered the best from each team in a specific season. They are usually referred to as the “All-American athletes” or merely “All-Americans”. These players are primarily selected by members of the national media and are basically in college and rarely in high school. Although today the term is used in different types of sport, the original use of the name All-American was in reference to a list of college football players that were looked upon as the best at their respective teams. Apart from football and athletics, the term All-American was also used in games such as baseball, basketball, cross-country running, swimming, tennis, wrestling and hockey among others.

This term is also used as an adjective to describe a person having qualities that are thought to be typical of people living in the U.S or people that are widely admired in the U.S. These kinds of people are believed to be composed wholly of American elements. It is also conversationally used to describe or illustrate clean-cut people that are mainly blonde and blue eyed. This group of people is majorly comprised of middle class that constitutes mainly teenagers and young adults.

The same word, All American is used to name a weapon. It is a powerful, reliable and accurate weapon that has a fast rate of fire. One of the characteristic of this weapon is that it is made with woodland camouflage and a very high magnification scope. It is steadfast if used to its full potential.

The word was also used to honor people that are outside the field of sports. However, this type of reference is informal. A person can, for example, be called an All-American educator, tutor, entertainer or any other activity for that matter that does not relate or have anything to do with athletics.

Back in around 1933 to 1951, there was a radio series that aired called Jack Armstrong. Its mainstream culture was subjugated by white Americans. Back then the society was affected by racialism but this implication has changed with time and now the society is accepting a multi-racial society.

All-American has been used repeatedly in film. There are several films that carry that name of has it as part of their title. Just to sample a few, the first is one TV series that aired between 1994 and 1995. It was called the “All-American Girl”, based on a story of an occurrence of culture clashes between a mother and a daughter. Apart from movies and TV programs, there are also books that carry that name; such are the likes of a book named All-American Girl. Its story line talks of a cool Washington D.C teenage girl who happens to save the life of the president by jumping on the back of a winnable presidential assassin. This changes everything and her life takes a new turn. Another one is the “All-American Boy”. This piece of work was initially done as a novel by one William J. Mann. Later a guy named Rick Derringer did an album of about twelve singles and finally most recently, in 2013, one Steve Grand has done a song with exactly the same title.

There is also a Model agency of guys that is known as “All-American Guys”. This group of people has a website that enable them interact with people outside. They offer videos of the male models, live Camera sessions and have a tab also that new guys can join the agency. Most of the visitors of such websites are mainly ladies.

All-American is evidently a phrase that has been used over time on different things and situation. It is possible that the phrase will continue to be used in the future.

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