Triple Action Hold’Em Poker
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Triple Action Hold’Em Poker

Triple Action Hold’Em Poker

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Game Overview

Triple Action Hold’Em Poker

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A fantastic game derived from Texas Hold‘Em Poker, designed to create excitement by using just the top 28 cards in the deck. Triple Action Hold’Em Poker is a fast-paced game with three wagering options; a main Ante Bet and two optional side bets that provide extra chances to win.

Game Features

New modern appearance with graphical improvements
New detailed audio for authentic gaming experience
New fully resizable window
New Auto-bet feature
New rebet feature
New enhanced UI buttons for easier play

Game Rules

One non-standard deck of 28 cards with the 2’s through 7’s removed is used for each game round
Play 1 hand only
Place an ante wager
(Optionally) there are two additional bonus bets available
Flop Bet: Allows you to wager on the composition of the three community cards
Bonus Bet: Pays a bonus amount if your hand consists of two pair or higher
After viewing the cards, choose to continue the hand with a ‘bet’ equal to the ante or fold
If the player folds, the bonus and flop bets are still eligible to win
The dealer qualifies a pair of nines or better
If the dealer doesn’t qualify, hands that were not folded are paid even money on their ante and the ‘bet’ portion of the wager receives no action
If the dealer qualifies, player hands are compared to the dealer’s hand
If the player wins, the ante and bet are paid even money
A hand value of full house or higher is also paid an ante bonus according to the odds schedule shown in the game

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