Progressive Blackjack
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Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack

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Progressive Blackjack

The best casinos to play Progressive Blackjack

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MyBet Casino
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Progressive Blackjack has Cryptologic features 8 decks, multi-hand ability, and higher payouts for non-jackpot bonus wins.

This Progressive Blackjack game also features several different levels of risk, starting with tables playing $2-$50 limits and going to tables with a $500 - $5,000 limit range. You have five tables to choose from, so take your time and work your way up.

While the table limits may vary, the Progressive Blackjack bonus bet is always $1, and it can be made by clicking the flashing coin slots on the table. Make sure to place your blackjack bet first in order to activate the bonus bet.

The Progressive Blackjack jackpot bonus is not only a mouthful--it’s a houseful. To win it, or any portion of extra winnings, you have to have one of the following combinations.

A pair of unmatched Aces (pay out is $25)
A pair of same-suit Aces (pays out $100)
Three unmatched Aces (pays out $250)
Four unmatched Aces (this lucky combo pays out $1500)
Three suited Aces ($2500!!)
Four same-color Aces bring home the progressive jackpot

Not bad for an extra $1 wager.

The standard Cryptologic blackjack rules apply in this game. You’ll see that the Dealer will stand on all soft 17s and above, that double downs are available with any initial two-card totals, and that splitting is allowed only once. For more specific rules, check out the game’s “Help” section, which is extensive, right down to the quick-keys and time-saving tips.

Cryptologic has quite the arsenal of blackjack games on its platform, so once you’ve tried this one out, reach for another. Check out our recommended Cryptologic casinos and see how their software compares!

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