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Uptown Aces

Uptown Aces

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Uptown Aces Casino Review

Online casinos are no longer a new thing in the present world, and Uptown Aces is yet the new kid on the block for this category. As the name suggests, This site is a town-styled casino brings the lively downtown experience into the game. Established in 2012, the firm has been steadily gaining prominence and the love of many gamblers worldwide due to its classy services as well as simplicity of the game. You definitely know about Uptown Aces or have come across the name from a friend or a serious gambler; obviously, one that loves the experience of superb casinos. This operator provides one of the most stylish experiences that any gambler would look for, so we get down looking at a few.

The layout of the online portal of this casino comes first among the many scores that it makes. Many people associate online casinos with the overuse of graphics that sometimes make the whole experience quite uncomfortable, but for one thing, you should be prepared for a simpler interface here. Utilizing a very simple layout, you will definitely find it easy dealing with this casino if you do not like the overuse of graphics and color, which should well play to the advantage of many.

Unfortunately they do have a poor mobile version of its Real Time Gaming software at this time, which should well play into the disadvantage of the many people looking out to gain the experience on their mobile gadgets. With the number of owners of tablets, iPhones and other powerful mobile devices, it is only prudent that each casino also provides a great mobile version of the application to allow its players have the experience on such devices wherever they go.

For gamblers from Moldova as well as Israel, life is not likely to be very comfortable here. Players from this country are restricted from playing on this platform, which may means that those who may wish to play on this platform form these countries will find it uncomfortable to do so. However, this number of restrictions is much lower than most of the other casinos have, which means that it is more open to a wider base of players than any other of the remaining casinos are.

Uptown Aces Welcome Bonus

Whenever you talk of signing up for the casino, you must ask of the free bonuses that come with such a move. Well, Uptown Aces has just the answer for you. This casino provides up to 250% of the first deposit as a welcome bonus. I guess that is more than twice the value of the first deposit, which should salivate any gambler wishing to get some quick boost to make a spin on the games of the casino. This free bonus, which automatically shows up on the account soon after the pay goes in, is quite a lump sum to be frank.

You definitely continue to harvest various amounts of free bonuses on the second through to the sixth deposits, which is quite encouraging for persons looking out to remain in the game even when funds are limited. You receive a bonus of one hundred and fifty percent on the second deposit, which is still more than your initial deposit, as well as a bonus of one hundred percent free bonus on the third through to the sixth deposits. With such bonuses coming in every time you make a deposit, they should be quite exciting to almost everyone.

Available Banking Methods

Uptown Aces provides a number of payment forms that make it easy for the customers to transact when they need to. With more than five payment channels, you do not have to move your money from one medium to another in order to effect the transaction. All you need is your money and the details and then you are good enough to go. However, just like the rest of the casinos on the list, this one does not support PayPal as one of the payment forms. Well, lovers of PayPal are definitely going to curse this finding, but you can use any of the remaining options that include MasterCard and American express.

When it comes to the usability of any online platform, supported languages come in handy. Unfortunately, this casino only provides English as the language of play. Without an option to maneuver through for other languages, players who do not use or understand English will find it a little challenging to make a fortune here. However, for those from English speaking languages, life should be a little comfortable for them here. For those who understand Basic English, life is going to be cheaper, although the use of graphics could make life relatively good or the rest as well.

This casino provides a larger withdrawal limit to its users, going as high as five thousand dollars per week. This should offer a point of relief for many, where the rest of the casinos restrict the weekly withdrawal limit to not more than two thousand dollars. Well, with a higher withdrawal limit, you can retrieve your cash more easily and spend it on other necessities. However, for withdrawal requests beyond this limit, they will have to be split into two for two different withdrawals. There minimal deposit on the account is also ten dollars, which is definitely cheaper in comparison to the rest of the casinos that ask for up to two thousand dollars each week. This is definitely more luxurious and easy for people willing to cash out on big moneys at any single time. You can pump in more money, win more stakes and be sure to receive bigger amounts when you need them trickling down to your bank wallets.

Good customer support

The customer support of Uptown Aces is also quite promising, allowing complaints to be resolved just within hours or at most one day of the lodging of such complaints. With a live chat on the go every other minute, a customer can call in any time they want and they are sure that they will find a respondent to answer to their concerns and help them resolve any problem expeditiously.

Play with 2500 $ bonus at Uptown Aces

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Uptown Aces Casino
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uptown aces amazing bonus

I signed up at uptown aces casino a few weeks ago and I must honestly say, that I am very impressed by their great bonus offers. I use to play with bets of ~10-15 EUR each round. Call me "middle highroller". Above average but I am not a whale. When I signed up I made use of the full welcome bonus of course and played hours until my balance showed up 23000 euro. Never earned so much money so easy. From this I lost nearly 4 k, so in the end I withdraw nearly 19000 euro. After verification process the payment arrived 36 hours later. Thanks so much for this amazing experience. I will come back again

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